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Cub Scouting is for 8 to 10 1/2 year olds and provides just over  an hour of fun and games each week.

Andy is the Cub Scout Leader. He is assisted by other volunteers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who are the Cubs?

The Cubs is the middle section of 58th Reading Scout Group and of the wider Scout movement.

2.Who can be a Cub Scout?

Any boy or girl, aged 8-10 1/2 yrs.

3.Where do the 58th Reading Cubs meet?

At the St Saviours Church Hall, 1, Berkeley Ave, Reading RG1 6JT

4.When do the Beavers meet?

Every Monday in term time, from 6pm to 7.15pm.

5. What do Beavers do?

“Fun and Friends” is the Beavers’ motto! We play games, make things, visit places, compete in sports events and learn about and develop the Scout values, “to do my best, to be kind and helpful and to love God”.

6. How much does it cost?

The weekly sub is £3. This covers the annual insurance, the materials for each week, the scarf, woggle and badges. In addition, the uniform (sweatshirt) costs £14 new, although there is nothing wrong with getting one second-hand. This should be purchased after 4-6 weeks (we can get it for you).

7.Can Cubs go camping?

The 58th Reading Scout Group has an annual family group camp during the second May holiday, to which Beavers are invited, as long as they are accompanied by a parent. This year 8 Beavers joined the camp with their parents. In addition, Beavers have the chance to take in a sleepover at least once a year without their parents.

8.What happens after the Cubs?

58th Reading Scout Group has a  Scout Troop for Cubs to progress through.

9.Do you have to be a Christian to be in the Scouts?

The Scout Movement is inter-faith and not specific to any religion. In fact, the religion followed by the largest number of Scouts world-wide is Islam. In the 8th Holborn Beavers we are very fortunate to have Christian, Jewish and Muslim Beavers. During the year, Beavers learn about different faiths.

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