In late May 2023 we took the Cubs and Scouts to camp in Ascot. Tents were pitched, camp fires were lit, the cook house was open and all was well!

As always 58th Reading is known for its camp fire cooking, from pancakes, bacon and syrup for breakfast, to nachos with cheese cooked on the campfire for supper!

Activities including bush tucker trials, log splitting, fire lighting and singing around the fire… as well as the more unusual activity of all the young people being in bed and asleep by 10pm, an almost unheard of event in Scouting history. Mind you most were awake by 5am, shouting “QUIET – you’ll wake the leaders… Shhhh!”

By the end of the weekend, socks had been lost, neckers found and sleeping bags had been wrestled back into their sacks. Both Scouts and Cubs had been safely returned to their parents… and apparently slept very well.